Wizard Banished

Noble wizard, which was banished by wizard council. He lost his powers and belongings. He has to start again in a small tower, close to a friendly village and mysterious forest.

About game

  • Incremental/resource management game in wizard genre (i like wizards!)
  • Still in development, but playable for few hours
  • Buildings, creatures, spells, specializations, adventures
  • Build your tower, take care of your forest creatures, grow herbs, go on adventures, fight creatures, level-up, choose your wizard specializations....
  • created by amateur noob developer! (in fact this is disadvantage, but with exclamation mark it looks like an advantage...)
  • Try and see, I will be happy for feedback.

discord https://discord.gg/22723jhcBB

facebook - if you like, then like...https://www.facebook.com/wizardbanished

youtube clip 


you may also play at: http://wizardbanished.com

Once upon a time, in a land of Eldrida, there was a wizard so powerful, even the stars trembled at his command. He was feared and respected by all, and his vast wealth and powerful artifacts were the stuff of legends.

But alas! The Council of Wizards, with their fancy robes and their fancy words, banished him to a dark and twisted forest, with nothing but his robes and his wit to defend himself.
The forest was a land of mystery and magic, where snails sang songs, bugs played games and centipedes danced in the moonlight.

But our wizard was determined to not let this banishment break him, so he set out to explore the forest, in search of a way to regain his power and take his revenge on the Council.

As he delved deeper into the forest, he encountered strange creatures, and uncovered secrets that were both wondrous and terrifying. He found the ruins of an old wizard tower, and decided to make it his base of operations. He set about to uncover the secrets of the forest, and reclaim his lost memories, in the hopes of finding a way back to his former glory.

And so began the story of wizard banished.

used assets:


- ugly icons are my "artwork"
- wizard image - by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
- nice icons by Rexard - https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/13229

- bought from various artists & some tracks generated by AIVA.ai

the rest - battle design, enemies (except some enemies quickly created from "nice icons") is my work; game made in Unity, c#

You're a wizard, Harry
You're a wizard, Harry


Save data are saved in your browser and could be stored also in online storage ( bit experimental). This will help you if you want to play from different browser or if local save is damaged.

How to get online id and start saving online:

1. click online button, fill in your wizard data and click "so be it" 
2. click save 
3. click online button again - you will see your id. write down your id.

How to import online data:

1. click "import from online"
2. fill in your online id and click import

Old saves

Old save should generally work in new versions. But I highly recommend starting game again, as usually many things change. The game is still under development, so I often do some rebalancing or improve some parts of game based on feedback

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Simulation
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, Clicker, evolving, Fantasy, Idle, Incremental, Magic, Management, Wizards
Average sessionAbout an hour

Development log


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I can't believe you're still still updating this game! I'm having a blast on the new update that rolled out for the debug version and i hope you're having a good time developing this game, because it's awesome.

You should really buff magic wood, though.

thank you very much!! <3 yes im enjoying it, and happy that you too :)

and yes, good old magic wood...:D

(farming has a bug that allows you to farm automatically with zero farmers. I'm not how, though >:3)

good game just two questions why is my progress resetting and second question why do i have 10 mother of curses already?

great game. just one question. why did the church give me 2 mothers of curses after i donated to them?

(1 edit)

my laptop's screen is too small, so I can't really save the game. Good game though, its a nice challenge for me to get back to where i was previously everytime i reset (on accident)

Edit: So far this run of mine is going quite good! I'm at level 73, after getting more wizard level time travelling, I discovered dark arts, completed the bliffworf plant, im making 568 gold per second, expert forest wizard, adept battle mage, and ive completed the tower 100 times. Wizard life is going well until i accidentally reset one day. (hope it doesn't come)


At first this game feels like low quality shlock. It is!

But it's GOOD low quality schlock.

The Dark Souls of gacha and surprise tech tree mechanics will have you flipping a table when an expensive "quest" or "upgrade" turns out to gimp you harder than a shotgun blast to the kneecaps, but you'll crawl through the pain until you find a doctor to strap that shotgun into your evacuated joint.

Then you'll really hit your stride a few hours later in New Game Plus, when you remember that the shotgun exists and make preparations to smash through the trap instead of play by its crippling rules.


I played this for way too long

There is only one save possible, or there is a backup of the previous save?...'cause I've accidentally press save instead of load at the reload of the browser after a month of game!!  @_@

unfortunatelly no backup yet, only if you have online save you may try it

I've gotten so far,  gotten too many mothers of curses that I gain curses and I don't know what to do except do nothing and let my money pile up and level up since I gain negative energy and mana. :(

if you are lucky you could find the lich that offer you to remove a  mother curse at a cost of 0.1 regen life

True, but I have yet to encounter the lich, though I guess I can continue waiting until he shows up, twice, so my run wouldn't be a waste.

can't you use your experience to buy a dismantle curse tingy?

at the shaman place

What does education do

It provides you with more income. 


how do i get warrior book




wait so how do you get it

I just started an hour ago how do I get mana?

Never mind I figured it out.


its an excellent game, I just have to tell you that mother of all curses doesnt work

never mind the mother of all curses is just too weak

(1 edit)

A very cool game. Recommendable for al, who enjoy incremental ressource management games. But it has some very unforgiving events. I paid the lich a permanent 0,5 hp/s for getting a curse banishing spell, which I already had (dismantle curse). So I paid the price for nothing in return... maybe this should be reworked. Also paying the church 10k gold for 2 mother of curses in return? Uff.... that's harsh :)

hi, thanks for playing and feedback... lich should give you different spell (appearing in spell tab)... if not then it is a bug. i will check it.

(2 edits)

Hi. I never even realized, that there ist a spell tab. I only noticed that one after my first prestige by accident. I don't think, that a bug was present here. Also I didn't even notice the tab for the pond. It was too small for me (I play on 4k resolution). I think, those tab should be more visual optimized, so that player may notice them even more. Otherwise it could only be me with this opinion.

i added blinking dots to tabs that you did not opened yet, but it seems it did not help much; so you are not playing full screen?

I am playing on full screen. But as said, on 4k resolution (3840x2160). Texts and grafics are still very small. The first blinkink dot I saw was the pond... and that by accident.

I cant play this for some reason but I think the idea is cool, I hope I can play it later, sometimes it works a hour later for some reason

it worked!

Hello, ist there any way to adjust font size, I am unable to read the small size?When I try to do it with browser zoom, the game is unplayable, because then I cant reach parts of the game screen.

Hello! Currently not :( It would be problem to fit everything into the screen:/ 

Please tell me more - you are playing full screen? what is your screen resolution? Thanks!

How do you import from the "export" file that gets saved locally?

hi guys, thanks for comments and feedback! i made update, its still not on itch.io, but you may try it on wizardbanished.com. After I will at least somehow retest it, I will put it here. :)

I uploaded new version, check more about update in devlog https://opwis.itch.io/wizard-banished/devlog/414150/update-skill-tree-rebalancin...


Dude, awesome game.

Please update it with more content; it's really good.

But For the love of god; NERF THE CURSES OMGGGGGG


Had to put the game down overnight because had 4 mother of curses and 12 weakening curses.


Really really enjoyed this game, thought it was a great expansion on the Theory of Magic concept. Please relegate curses (and especially mother of curses) to a point in the game where you can actually deal with them though. Had to abandon 3 separate saves because they were essentially softlocked. Like seriously, it's just not fun walking in the woods for 25 minutes til u can play the game again.

hi thanks, I love Theory of Magic and it was one of big inspirations!

you may try latest version on wizardbanished.com, hopefully i will put it on itch.io soon

(1 edit)

I have been playing this game for a while and I just completed it and am awaiting an update so I can get my lair and travel further afield.

The game has been impressively thought out with lots of things to keep you busy.

Although, it is a shame that many things stop being upgradable after a while and the much anticipated 10th level becomes a waste of time eventually.

I am wondering if I should use 25 Brainwash spells and go back to wizard level 1 (I am level 250 now). I would lose Tulanga's defence bonus, but would I get many more choices again on every 10th level up?

Also, after using the spell for 500hp three times, it vanished. Is that supposed to happen?

And I know that this would make it too easy, but I would love a spell to quickly get stars or a way to boost their production. It takes such a long time to Warriors Books, or even Forest books.

1 warrior book = 12 forest books + 12 star books

1 forest book = 16 star books 

1 star book = 20 scrolls + 20 stars.

With stars generating at 20% of the speed of mana, it's always a long wait between books. 

Maybe that is one of your plans for the lair. A pet that produces stars if you feed it. That would be nice.

Also, I have bought everything possible with exp from the learn tab. Annoyingly though, there is one thing that doesn't let me buy it. 

More Buildings

- 800 exp 

+2 Max Animariam

+2 Max Lore Crystals


Anyway, thank you very much for this game. I love it and I will keep playing until my warrior books are full.

And again, please let me know if reverting to level 1 will give me back the 10th level selection.

hi thanks for playing! I answered partially on discord. Generally many things are already changed and will be in new version

The game has been impressively thought out with lots of things to keep you busy.

- Yes its whats im trying to achieve. Trying to figure out when game gets too idle and solve it. Im glad for every info where you got bored or lost or something

I am wondering if I should use 25 Brainwash spells and go back to wizard level 1 (I am level 250 now). I would lose Tulanga's defence bonus, but would I get many more choices again on every 10th level up?

- currently you can use the spell three times. I put there these "level downs" to reduce grinding wizcoin to progress in the game. as a fast solution. You get specialization level up each 10 levels, so if you will have choices again

Also, after using the spell for 500hp three times, it vanished. Is that supposed to happen?

 - i dont know which spell you mean at the moment

And I know that this would make it too easy, but I would love a spell to quickly get stars or a way to boost their production. It takes such a long time to Warriors Books, or even Forest books.

- it will be changed. Warrior book will be cheaper and will help you with curses

Maybe that is one of your plans for the lair. A pet that produces stars if you feed it. That would be nice.

- currently lair is on hold, i started system for upgradable familiars that should be in lair, but i want to focus on second part with time snails more at the moment

With stars generating at 20% of the speed of mana, it's always a long wait between books. 

- there will be new skill tree in "learn tab", enabling you to get starbook/s and other staff. ideas for "skills" are welcome!

Anyway, thank you very much for this game. I love it and I will keep playing until my warrior books are full.

- Thank you very much for playing and finding time to give me feedback! Try test version, i sent you link on the discord. You have to start from the scratch, but you may use cheats to speed up your progress and test everything. Some things i mention here are already implemented there

PS.:Yes, reverting to level 1 will give you level 10 selection again:) But you get this selection every 10 levels, so im surprised why you need to go back to level 1?

just got 18 weakening curses from 2 spirit games in a row, woooooooo

great game tho

I stopped getting those annoying things. Everything gives weakening curses and mother of curses eventually. 

hi, thanks for playing and leaving a message! :) Yes its a bit overcursed :D The amount of curses will be reduced in next version and also there will be more ways to handle curses.

so I reach level 40 and upgraded, reload my game

and now it's bugged out, what was meant to happen didn't

Hi, which problem occured when reloading?

its fixed, but what happened is I got an upgrade from lvl 40, and after reloading the effect from that upgrade went away

This may happen if you upgrade, dont choose level up, save and load... then you upgraded level is saved but you dont have chance to choose your upgrade. I know about this issue, but did not solve it yet

anyway I uploaded new and lightly rebalanced playable version (but still in development) so you may try from beginning if you like.

thanks for reporting problems :)

(2 edits)

it takes WAY to long to shake off a weakening curse , those weakening curses REALY slow down the game A LOT.

oh yeah also the books aren't showing up... /:

also some quest won't show up after it went away the first time, is this intended?

also some levels benefits I can't get

thank you very much for leaving me comments!

- weaking curse - yes, i agree maybe its too boring in this form, maybe at least should be less weakening

- books - this worked last time, I will check

- quests - at the moments quests should reappear, even if you close them with close icon; but its random, so maybe it was just bad luck... some quests will not appear again after fulfilling them

- level benefits - you mean they are grey and you cant click them? its probably because you will gain some resource where you already are at maximum, so game doesnot let you click otherwise your resources would be wasted; maybe all upgrades should be clickable

thanks again for playing and betatesting!

im finally finishing autobuy feature, so I will fix problems you mentioned with it

(2 edits)

Hey, thanks for this nice game :D

Some bugs i've encountered:

1) Amanita booster doubled it's Att\Def but wizard didn't receive this bonus.

2) While i was at exactly 100Exp - i was able to buy Blissworf without spending Exp, so got 20 of them and later it started correctly deducting the exp price even at 100Exp.

3) I have 2 icons "Scribe star book" after unlocking those.

4) Like others said - confirming that Dragon spell do not appear in the spell list in adventure.

And some feature requests (these are probably same as people wrote, haven't read all the comments):

1) Auto-progress inside dungeons (might be a mid-game upgrade or another helper like Nyan) and auto-repeat (might be a requirement to complete specific dungeon a number of times).

2) Custom amount to buy\sell anything. For example - A field to input or fixed x10\x20\x50\Max or bound to Alt\Ctrl\Shift (any other buttons).

3) Perma-kill if 'enemy Att' =< 'your Def' - we will kill it anyway...

hi! thanks for playing! :)

sorry, did not reply to your message. Lots of things are fixed now. But current version is also kinda unbalanced. You can try after I will release new version, many things should be improved and more enjoyable

guys  thanks for all comments! :) Im on vacation so not checking internet much.:D i have already prepared fix for about half issues you reported and need to finish the rest and release it.

thanks again!

Heads up, in your link to the external site you've directed to your http and not https, which is unsecure (no SSL certificate so you the big warning flag on most browsers).

This is not usually a big deal, but for some reason the domain is not redirecting to https even if someone tries to go to http, which I'd recommend hitting up your host.

Also, the facebook link in game is set to 

But the current page is

Just in case you wanted to change it in game since when I tried to find it initially, it left me with a "Page not found" situation until I saw the page description!

yeah sometimes we're able to get ressources we don't yet have storage for

i won :)  well done game and music are so cool

best ones are :

mischivious alchemy

Celtic Music - Heart of the Forest | Peter Gundry

Dark Fantasy Music – Alchemy and Gators

Spring Festival - Original Fantasy Music

Very good and quite fun. I hope you expand on the game and maybe release it on steam.

thank you and thanks for time to leave a comment :) yep i plan to continue with the game. steam maybe later later, game is still very unfinished and buggy :)

When your Herb Bed maximum is reduced, it doesn't reduce the maximum of how many herbs you can have planted. Also at some point you become able to do 2 actions at once (Like Clear Space+Observe Stars for example) but there's no real indication of when this occurs?
It'd be nice to be able to disable Nyan Cat since he often floats in the way of the Buy/Sell buttons for Wizcoin. Wouldn't be much of an issue if there was a 'All' button.. :(.

Hmm there was something else but I forget right now.

Bugs don't update when max is decreased either. most things probably don't.

you can have two activities because of the cat (its mentioned there, but its not very clear from description...)

also thanks for info about maximum, i made this principle too simple and need to rewrite it.

i already have some fixes done, but want to investigate a bit how to push update to itch.io without destroying local saves.  (and need some time to test everything, unfortunatelly my work and my spring drinking activities are slowing me down a bit :))

thank you for all the insights and bugs reported!:)

That's fine, no rush. I just beat the game and was working on maxing out everything but decided I would just wait until you did a update since things could change a bunch.

I was thinking about how the game would probably be a lot better if you just kind of ditched the level-up system and instead focused it all into the upgrades, and then perhaps have the mastery system converted into something else.

Like perhaps as you (do forest activities) it trains your Forest Mastery, and each level of Forest Mastery unlocks different upgrades (the things you would get now from leveling up.)

This would apply for the other things as well, like Observing Stars for Astronomy and planting(and selling? herbs? Maybe find another activity besides Resting but it could work for granting Herbology Mastery). Then you could eventually branch it off into other things (Pyromancy for Fireball etc, add some kind of fire-based activity). Just an idea though, and it would be more complex and require a rework..

When I begin the Dungeon Moscarparte, it did not give me extra space as a reward. Also I was able to click and purchase the Magic Wood without having normally unlocked it. And of course Mine Wizcoin, as well I can click on a action to the far right of that menu but it doesn't actually seem to do anything, it just highlights a green square.

thanks:) I will check reward for dung. Clicking on locked (but invisible) actions is fixed, but not released yet


I got the summon dragon spell, but it doesn't actually appear in my spell list.

thanks for reporting! yep, its a bug, i already know about this. but in combination with bug that you can click even unlocked actions you can click on empty box (which should contain spell), the spell should work. :)

thank you for reporting bugs and game problems. i will prepare release with fixes, but it will take me some time.

(1 edit)

I can't seem to find a use for Blissworf. Am I blind or am I missing something


sorry, i made a bug here... Blissworf should not appear there at all (it is not finished), but somehow it is there (bad bad Blissworf...)

Blissworf gave .01 mana/sec.

Cool, slightly madskillz, but addictive. Awaiting updates to kill more cute creatures...

Bug report: At certain moment when i buy one more adventure corner, i got total -1 free space and ~same time i can buy exp upgrades w/o exp wasting. Exp count check, but no decreasing.

PS: Save system worst part of game.

hi, thanks a lot! i fixed adventure corner thing for next release. but i need to think about exp problem, i dont think its connected to adventure corners problem. 

and yes, saving...i know :D

Hey, did you notice that you can do things that are not enabled yet: I could activate: Mine Wizcoins, Magic Service, MAgic Wood without having the button for it/enabled it.

i never noticed this bug (and it seems it is there from the beginning of game development :D), thanks for info!

Oh, and also auto-progress! (Further)


Yes there are a few issues. The game definitely needs a 'all' button, like how you can right click for 10x, but instead 'all'. Perhaps the A button on the keyboard could be assigned this function? Also there are a ton of things that could be turned into upgrades that many people would make a script for.. auto-selling of things when they are at their maximum and are being auto-generated. Auto-collecting of bugs when you have 'excess' energy in the same function.

Also perhaps a option to repeat the same map you just completed would be nice as well.


hi! thanks a lot for playing and your feedback and ideas! 

- i will add autosave, i did not realize how important it is .) sorry for losing night progress :D i wonder, how you used autoclicker - most of things have its maximums...?

- the scrolls seems working to me - if you hover over a scroll, you should see its mana production per second and also if you hover over mana, you should see how scrolls contribute to mana

this doesnot work in your case?

- all button: yep, i was thinking about possibility to switch right mouse button function (like 10-100-all or something like this). i like dedicated key idea

- scripts for autobuy, autosell - i like the idea and you are not first who told me this :D. I will add some such feature, i think automated selling (unlocked after some time) could be significant improvement (and it wont be so much work)

- repeating maps (battles?) - at the moment you can repeat maps, but you can collect map rewards only first time; you mean that maps would have some rewards every replay? im thinking about generating random battles based on templates

- auto progress - you mean offline production?

thanks a lot again! this feedback is really valuable for me. for me testing game is really time consuming, sometimes i dedicate evening to play the game and be able to balance things, correct mechanisms etc.. :D 

(btw if you played long time, there is not much more new content... game is still too beta)

Scrolls only gave Mana Production after getting the 'empower frog' upgrade. If this is intentional, maybe the tooltip for scrolls could say such?

All button is a MUST for Wizcoins.

Repeating map, I mean that when you complete the map, and are at the Rewards screen, it could give you a button to 'Repeat same map' This way you don't have to go back to the Map menu and re-select/start the map.

This is also what I meant for 'auto-progress', like when you defeat a monster in Map, you have a option to auto-progress onto the next monster. Not off-line gains (although would be good), but instead you can start a map, and then progress through the monsters.

For the autoclicker, I had it sell everything that I auto-produced (bugs/herbs i think at the time) and then buy Wizcoin. This way when I woke up I had a bunch of wizcoin which I could sell when it was high. Wizcoin has no maximum so it was the only thing I could invest into and receive benefits when I was actively playing again. Also clearing a bunch of space was also good.

Yes, youre right with scrolls, its bug, i made it when adding frog. 

Thanks for explanation. Then autoprogress is on roadmap, i also want to add some rewards for already completed maps. 
But roadmap is long and wide (and changing sometimes according to my mood :D)

Regarding wizcoins, i think i need to nerf them a bit and also change the level progress pricing approach. I made this increasing cost as a quick solution, it is okey in the game start but i feel that its boring when the cost gets too high. I yesterday talked to my brother who played till level 80 just thanks to wizcoin, making all other gold producing activities irrelevant.

Yes wizcoin ends up blowing all the other gold production out of the water. However, it eventually becomes basically the only means of producing levels at a decent pace. Perhaps other gold production could be buffed in some fashion as well? But I think 'auto excess selling' would probably help with this quite a bit so... perhaps wait until everything falls into place and then do some balancing? Your call.


Yes, you are right, doesnot make sense to do balancing before implemening new game mechanisms. And fixing bugs. :)

Very enjoyable game. It is evident that developer put a significant amount of effort into developing various mechanics and balancing them. At the same time, there are a few technical problems that can be deal-breaking:

1. UI only works in full-screen mode, otherwise text is completely unreadable.
2. There's no auto-save and auto-load.
3. Manual save doesn't seem to be working reliably, so be prepared to lose some progress form time to time.


Hi, thanks a lot for playing and feedback! Its big motivation for me.:)

ad 1) yep, i need to improve this a bit

when i run it without changing to full screen, its somehow readable but very small. was it in your case like this or worse?

ad 2) thanks, i will add it. i wanted to give user freedom when to save and when to load, but i did not notice that autosave is quite expected in such games 

ad 3) did you notice where were the problems? i know that battle progress is not saved (which was intended, but maybe its wrong)

Thanks again!

Thank you for making this game and listening to the feedback!
1. Could be because I have small screen (13" laptop)
3. Indeed I clicked on save during an active battle but it didn't save any progress from my last save.

Hello. Like the game, I enjoy idle games where your choices have impact. I made it decently far by using a autoclicker overnight but then I closed the window and hadn't saved, haha... maybe some kind of autosave option?

Also scrolls say they provide mana regen but don't seem to actually produce any mana/s?