New update - prestige, battles, content


I uploaded the updated game. 

There are new mechanisms, mainly prestiging - time rewinding. Prestiging lets you rewind time and try again, but you gain advanatages and some new mechanisms are unlocked. If you prestiging I would recommend upgrades Advanced power up and Wisdom as they bring new elements to the game.

Also battle rewards are improved, there are now random rewards and special rewards for repreated beating of a battle. For people who like to grind. 


If you already played the game, you may go directly to first prestige. If you want to do so, click on the rock in upper part of the game and tell to it password "llama". Rock will grant you nice amount of memory fragments and unlock "Pond". Click on it and you perform prestige there.

If you playing the game first time, you may want to try it from the beginning. It is up to you.

The talking rock is of course generally very wise, but in fact, it is not so wise. It is kind of cheating device. The "run" of game is quite long, so you may feel you want to progress faster each prestige. Tell the rock "I lost memory" and it will grant you some extra memory fragments each run.


Each prestige unlock some new content, but not much at the moment. There are no new battles in prestiges and you cannot win the game. 


I had to do one more change, because limits size of webgl build (play in browser build) and also the game was quite big, I removed prepared 3D content and some relevent stuff. Hopefully nothing is broken, if yes, please report me bugs here or on discord. 

Thanks for playing! :)


Wizard Banished - game Play in browser
Version 7 Jan 29, 2023

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