Update - skill tree, rebalancing and others!

Greetings, mage.

I found some time to do updates to the game! So, the main changes:

  • autoprogress... autoprogress battles and autosell exceed production
  • skill tree... skill tree for spending your experience points 
  • gold income diversity... you dontonly have to grind wizcoin in late game, get money from selling your production and fill your manufactories with population, administrator perk and upgrades for population boosts
  • wizcoin nerf... you need to pay transaction fee in mana for every wizcoin transaction
  • blissworf... mythic plant is back, generally garden has (at least i hope :D) better UI
  • rebalancing...  more options to get rid of mother of curses and curses, upgrades for more population, and many other smaller changes, new utilization for warrior books, and more options to get magic books easier
  • new battles, upgrades, side quests...

what is not done or being under construction:

  • the official game end is now after "killing dreath wizard"... it unlocks two more battles, but they are already from second part, which is under construction (and one is not supposed to be winned)
  • snails in time - second part, where you discover the past to deal with present - is under construction and I will focus on this now (also bug fixes and balancing if needed)
  • familiars - i started working on familiars, which will help with different areas (like autoprogressing etc), but I stopped working on this and focused more on second part snails in time; same for lair, which was supposed to be used for familiars; still not in the game
  • bug - sometimes you level up, but game does not let you choose the upgrade :( this bug is still unfortunatelly still here, but does not occur too often  

if you have save, its better to start from the scratch, as many things changed; i feel the game is now easier, so you may progress through game faster (maybe too easy?)

you may join game discord https://discord.gg/22723jhcBB

enjoy playing and thanks for all feedback asbout what bothers you in the game, what does not make sense, what is difficult to understand etc... and what you like :)


Wizard Banished - game Play in browser
Version 3 Aug 08, 2022

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