development news

Hello everybody;

I did not post update for wizard banished for longer time. As I mentioned in comments, I dont have much time as I started working on new (commercial) project earning me food and beer. And also Im trying to enjoy summer and possibility to meet people live :)

I still find some time to work on game, but did not release into yet. What I am working on:

  • I made lots of bug fixes, I addressed bugs you mentioned
  • auto-buy/auto-sell resources 
  • and finally security and save games... 

I did not start creating new lands to explore, but i already have a nice idea - the next chapter will be named "Snail in time" and will introduce weird paradoxes of time magic into the game. (And yes, I know currect spells suck:))

So... game is not abandoned! I sometimes upload update on, for testing purposes. There are some new battles, upgrades and bug fixes, so you may also check there.

Also feel free to join for notifications about game progress.


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Nice to see the game is still alive! Boo beer, yay food. Good luck though!

thank you! ❤️