Saving problems

I fixed some issues, like sorted wizards in table according to level, added autosave... I uploaded new version... and it has completely broken the saved games. What a funny surprise for me. I thought that only game files will be exchanged and saves should work ok (it is how it works when i upload update to my website). But unfortunatelly nope.:D I did not found nice solution, so I had to quickly implement possibility to download your save from online database (where are wizard name, description, last activity and save data stored). Please check game page for more details. Its not very convenient solution, but at least some working fix.

If you started playing earlier, you dont have your wizard id. Feel free to email me your wizard name and I will check in database and send to you, if you want to continue in your game.

Just warning... the game is not finished, if you get somewhere over level 50, there is not much content. There is no other adventure map... and so on. You may follow game here or on facebook to see news about updates. 

Thanks for playing! :)

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May 25, 2021

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