New content and fixes 7.9.2022

Update of the game brings some fixes, rebalancing and new game content:

  • FIXED - Level up screen sometimes does not open and you miss level upgrade
  • FIXED - When you perform activity (eg observe stars) and get out of energy so activity cant start again, activity will start again automatically as soon as possible
  • Music replaced by legal music, added sounds for some actions
  • You can setup action multiplier for mouse right click
  • Curse mitigation options improved & some dangerous quests appear later in the game
  • Fireball and barrier boosted
  • New areas unlocking (two areas could be unlocked, but there is only one adventure at the moment)
  • Another mitigation for curses (may be learned using exp)
  • New content, rebalancing (and new building!)
  • TIME magic does not work yet, but you should be able to collect time fish

Thanks for playing! :)


Wizard Banished - game Play in browser
Version 4 Sep 07, 2022

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