"Prestiging" in progress - but you may test it already

Hello everyone reading this! (is anyone really reading this? ?D)

I realized some people enjoy grinding, so I am working on so called "prestige system." Prestige generally enables you to play game again with some benefits. 

I am trying to make each play bit different. So after you finish the game, you may choose from several upgrades and some of them introduce new mechanisms or content into game.

There is also change to battle rewards. Battles now can give random rewards and give special reward for each 10, 25, 50 and 100 completion of a battle.

But if you dont like grinding much, never mind. You still can complete game as before without need of big grinding.

You may test it on https://test.wizardbanished.com/.

  • there is cheating action in the beggining, allowing you to test prestige directly without finishing a game
  • save from live game does not work there
  • i will be glad if you can leave me your feedback here or on game discord! thanks! :)
  • true dreath wizard still cannot be beated! it will need more than some prestiging to kill this powerful wizard. most probably it will need me to develop that part...:D enjoy the rest of the game now :)

Level-up upgrades can give higher bonuses

Level-up upgrades can give higher bonuses


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